Thursday, August 20, 2009

When you love you know you've got to thank the Lord

There's a kind of love you can have for a person where they just... simply... make you happy. (It works for friend love as well as romantic love, by the way.) The kind of love where, when you get the chance to laugh with them over something completely inconsequential, it makes your day for like three days. Where you just *click* and you occasionally find yourself quietly dreading the day where it might be that they're no longer in your life. Where you feel like you're home wherever you are as long as they're with you.

Love like that isn't easy to come by, but I've been lucky enough to find it in a few people in my life... and the joy I experience when I get to interact with those people cannot by matched by much.

So especially when it's a co-ed relationship, I'm plagued by repeated warnings of, "Don't let your feelings become an idol!!" to the point that I fear to relish any relationships. How ridiculous! I've been given this rare, spectacular gift and I run away from it. So the last time I had one of these moments, I told myself just to enjoy it.

You know what happened? Far from being idolatrously consumed with the relationship that I so delight in, my attention was riveted back to the God who allowed it. The degree of joy, pleasure, satisfaction, what-have-you that I was feeling, rather than being self-contained and inward-focused, took my hand in a silly dance and sang, "This is the kind of love God has for you!" And as another shock, this thought brought not shame over my failings in that Relationship, but another wave of happiness. "It's true!" I'd forgotten what it looked like, so He gave me a reflection of His love that has skin on... and I remembered.

And then, what's left to do but rejoice?

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