Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ripped in 30. Or something.

So... I turned it into "Ripped in 75." But I think I've decided I'm done. Like, I officially just did the week four workout for the last time.

I did week one for a week and a half.
Week two needed two weeks.
Week three stuck around for three weeks.
And week four... well, technically I DID do it for four weeks, but that first week was the week of my birthday, and I only did a workout once that week. I was too busy celebratin'. :-/

I did it that way because I'd get to the end of the week and think, "I'm still struggling with this. And the next one will be MORE difficult?? Let's try this again...." That's why it took me so long. YMMV.

So it begs the question.

I mean, I've never ACTUALLY done anything like this to completion. "Do XYZ for ## days and look like THIS!" And granted, there is a proposed meal plan to go along with the workouts that I did not follow, but I have eaten pretty well the whole time.

Did I lose weight? Yes! Only about ten pounds, but it's a great feeling to see a different tens-digit when I step on the scale. I'm finally starting to see my clothes fit a tiny bit better, too.

Did I build muscle? HECK yeah! I've possibly never been this all-over toned in my life. It feels great.

Am I ripped? No. No, I would not consider my condition to be one of rippedness.

So the question I'm begging. What do you do when you're done? Even if you reach your goal weight and look ripped and are friggin excited about how healthy your life has become... one day, the plan will end. Are you supposed to go out and buy another DVD? (Amazon reviews of her videos are funny, btw. people grade them down because THEY can't do them. what's funnier is one comment will say "I'm only in decent shape and it was too easy for me" and the next will say "I workout with weights and run all the time and this was too hard!" o_O) Do you just do the most difficult workout over and over for the rest of your life? Obviously you can't just STOP because your body will quickly get worse than it was when you started.

I guess they put time limits on it for all the people who are anxious - they have a swimsuit to buy or a prom to go to or a wedding to slim down for... they want to know how long they should do a certain workout so they know when they have to start in order to make it to their goals on time. Maybe.

Me? I think I'm just going to start over. See if I can make it through and only spend a week on each workout this time, LOL. And each workout is totally unique so I'm really not bored with any of them on this DVD yet... but I imagine one day I will be. *worried face*


Mama Toad said...

Well, of course they want you to go out and buy another DVD when you complete this one. But, yeah, go through it again to see if you can get it down to completing each segment in the amount of time the video intended. That would be a nice accomplishment! When you get to that point, you should contact them and tell them you can do it, and would they like you, an average Joe blow sweating, working out American, to assist them with their next video workout as one of the smiling exercisers.

knic pfost said...

i've always wondered the same thing about what happens when you finish those things.

unfortunately that choice has to be made again and again and again and again, every day ad infinitum and we're never really done.

gotta get better at today.