Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WHAT "justice" system??

I've been in a battle with my former apartment of residence since my last week there at the beginning of July.

The name is Laurel Woods Apartments in Greenville, SC, part of the bigger organization Edward Rose and Sons. Please feel free to avoid them at all costs. Yes, you're getting one of the best deals in town, but you're not even getting what you pay for.

I had every single one of my ducks in a row, with written and signed documents from multiple employees at the office saying I was allowed to cut my lease early without any additional fees. Five days before my new move-out date, they took it back, saying they hadn't bothered to do the research when I asked. And they wanted the rest of their money. With late fees.

I responded, thinking it was an honest mistake. And continued to respond, stating they had no right - it wasn't my fault they didn't do their own paperwork. I'd made financial plans based on the information I'd taken to be true, over a month prior. I figured I had a pretty tight case, even showed it to a few lawyer friends of mine. When the letters began to sound more like harassment than decent business, their collections notices weren't from the named collections agency at all but just a scare tactic, and the folks at Laurel clearly wouldn't listen to reason and decency, I had no choice but to take them to court.

Please be advised. If you don't summon the people in to testify, "Yes, I wrote that," our "justice" system will tell you flatly, "Without anyone here to confirm the validity of your documents, we dismiss the evidence as hearsay. Please pay up and we'll send you all further court costs."


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