Thursday, October 27, 2011

rough day

I just felt so defeated today. Normally I have some fight left before I leave work. Some spunk. But not today. As much as I was ready to be GONE, I had trouble trudging out to the car because it took so much energy.

I had a great morning, too. The kind that makes you think you can take on the world. Who knows where I'd have been if the morning had been lousy!

Riddle me this. The Bible has any number of things to say about not associating with church folk who don't act like God. So I wonder if the whole "iron sharpens iron" bit is more a conscious effort sort of thing (where you have the kind of relationship that involves loving correction and discussion) rather than "Spend time with people who aren't like you and drive you crazy because they'll show you where you need to work on pride." Granted, that's a PERFECTLY legitimate and good way to grow should that be the circumstance in which you find yourself. But seeking those situations out...?

I mean, if folks are going to be discontented and complain and maintain a negative attitude about life, and you're NOT like that unless you've been forced to spend a lot of time with those folks and it's gotten into your bloodstream, isn't the logical solution similar to telling a teenager to turn off the raunchy music and TV because it has a negative effect on their worldview?

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Daddy said...

My two cents on the subject -
"Iron sharpens iron" indeed refers to an intentional relationship, the context of which is becoming more Christlike. The fundamental element of that is not what I will call your described "collateral effect" of being around people unlike you but rather of having the input of others to expose to you your blind spots such that you can be intentional about dealing with them.

Indeed - if the nature of a relationship is such that it has the effect of making you less like Christ, that is categorically NOT a good relationship. Where such relationships are optional, wisdom and a heart for Godliness dictate that they be terminated. It is only you who can determine, however, if they are optional.

BTW - coffee is incredible out of an Alaska mug. I'm having some now. Love you!