Sunday, October 30, 2011

Waiting for the polish to dry...

I found out a long time ago that I can still surf the web and type while drying some nail polish. So here I am.

Today: church, hiking at Jones Gap (about an hour from here) with a group from church, then trying to get back into town as early as possible to get to a BSS Halloween party tonight. (see previous statement about my nails and guess which color they are. ^_^) Helped some dear old loves - a married couple I know from college - move in Columbia yesterday and we went to WalMart afterwards. Therein, I did not resist purchasing an angel costume. It had awesome huge bell bottom sleeves! What else could I do??

I've never bought a Halloween costume. Ever. And most of them are too skanky for my taste anyway (at least I'd never leave the house like that!) so this is a long dress with great sleeves. And I'm going to bad-angel it with black half-finger gloves and Catwoman boots. :-P

I just hope I can make it to the party!!


Mama Toad said...

Wanna see a picture!

learning beautiful said...

Didn't end up staying in the costume long enough... nobody really dressed up. :-/