Thursday, September 5, 2013

Church: Disorganized

Church, generally defined, is a gathering of Christ followers. No need for a building. No need for music. No need for a sermon. Just people of common faith who get together for the glory of God. And everything we do is supposed to be to the glory of God, right?

So church can be 350 people in a building on Sunday just as much as it can be a “small group” on Wednesday or two people drinking coffee or a few folks visiting the movie theater or a handful of tree huggers on a hiking trail.

I live in Upstate, SC, where there’s a church for every spiritual walk you can fathom on nearly every street. We don’t need any new churches, as Webster defines them: a building for public and especially Christian worship....

What I DO want is to see a church that gets a little more disorganized.

I want to see a church that focuses on *doing stuff together,* more than is usually possible at the 10 AM – 12 PM weekly meeting, which tends to revolve around most of the individuals facing a few individuals for 75% of the time, with small pockets of interactive time spent largely on small talk. I believe that this ritual is invaluable to most Christians, but I also think most Christians need something more.

I’m 30 and single. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, but it has become increasingly difficult to make friends my age who don’t have the concerns that come with spouses and children and laundry and diapers and little growling tummies as they try to schedule time for friends into their world. So it’s just me. I’m not a church. I am a Christ follower who needs a friend or few to create a legitimate “gathering.” Personally, I’m often very happy doing things all by myself, but some things just go better with friends… and I don’t always know who to call. And I have a feeling I’m not alone. That’s why I created this page:

I’ll be posting activity ideas here.  I hope you will too! I’m thinking hiking Paris Mountain, playing pool at Barley’s, Artisphere, maybe just cook dinner and watch a movie with a few folks. Something simple, something fun, but real. Real life, real discussion, real YOU wellness, with a couple of folks who are running your same race – chasing after Christ.

So. Wanna do church? 

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Unknown said...

YES! This is just about perfect. Your thoughts are so inline with mine. I'm praying you find some solid friends near you OR that God leads you up here to join our community...hmmm that sounds like a plan. Want to sell your house, get a job in Baltimore and come live with one of us?!?! We'd love to have you. But seriously. Miss you and hoping you can find a few friends to "do church" with!!