Sunday, September 30, 2007

my type of laughter

"Dagne laughed in enjoyment of the moment, any moment, as if the undercurrent of enjoyment was constant within her and little was needed to tap it." ~Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

A friend congratulated me recently on having a depressing day. "It means you're still alive!" he said. It's true. If things go well for too long, we start to wonder what's wrong, LOL.

It's been a good weekend. I've tried to take it easy, sleep in, lay out... I helped paint a room and watched a couple of movies... spent time with a few friends; spent time alone.... Tomorrow promises to be relaxing as well, whatever it may bring.

I just wish I had a little more time... I guess that's the wish we all have. Time to recharge, time to get done the things we need to, the things we WANT to. God, teach me how to spend time on the things that are most important, being careful not to allot too much time to any one thing... and not neglecting to spend time on myself. Thanks.


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tek1024 said...

"If everything's coming your way,
you're in the wrong lane!"