Friday, January 6, 2012

I drew, tonight.

There's something so joyous about studying the face of someone who is gleeful - especially when studying to draw a portrait. No matter how attractive they were to begin with, they become more and more so as you study the angles of the mouth, the squint of the eyes, the creases of the cheeks in order to reproduce the joy they radiated when the picture was taken.

Of course, I had it easy - I was drawing my brother, who is already attractive, from a picture taken the week he got engaged, so you don't get much more gleeful than that. I kept giggling, "He's so CUTE!" in the coffee shop. ^_^

It's really difficult for me to work on a piece of art in my own home. I guess I got the hang of it with the Celtic cross I did last year... but it's hard to get into that groove with a new piece for some reason. It's like I have writer/artist's block somehow. So rather than worrying (too much) about all the empty calories, I went both to my wine tasting (wooooohoo) and then to my Sunday morning coffee shop around the corner and sat for a couple of hours working on Josh's portrait.

I have this burning to share the beauty of the world in my art, either by photography or by drawing something that makes the viewer think or just get excited about seeing an everyday thing in a new light. I think that's fantastic. But so often I put it off in order to clean or do laundry or work on another project or... whatever. It's so bad that one of my New Year's resolutions is that I'm required to allow myself four hours a week to draw, lol. But it's complicated because even if you HAVE a new piece of art or photography, you still have to GET it into the computer and edit it and re-size it and upload it and so on... it becomes so overwhelming. So maybe I need to allot ANOTHER couple of hours to that sort of thing, lol.

I really like trees. And reflections. Can you tell?


Daddy said...

Yay for resolutions!!!! I think you should. I'd help with the scanning if I could. :-(

Mama Toad said...

Oh! This is exciting! Would I recognize which pic of Josh you're using if you tried to describe it? Is there a specific reason for this piece of art or just for the fun of it? Love ya bunches, Mom

learning beautiful said...

You WOULD recognize it, but this is the one I asked if y'all wanted to frame so we could give it as a family for their wedding.... And I've refrained from telling you which one because I want everyone to be just as surprised! ^_^