Friday, January 20, 2012

Men are like cars.

Car hunting is like man hunting.

You see mostly cars that aren't what you're looking for. They're out of your league, they're crappy, they're not the right color, they're just downright ugly, they don't work right.

Then you find one that looks good. The outer appearance is exactly what you're looking for, the age is right for your needs, it has all the perks and quirks that you've come to love (or wished you had) in previous cars, the transmission from this gear into the next is the kind that you need.

But you have to spend some time with the car before you can really know if it's right for you. If it looks good on the inside, whether it really can get hot and cool when you need it to be, whether its "get up and go" is reliable, how well it will open up (and also protect), whether it has a tendency to overheat....

I test drove my first beetle last night. The price was pushing my limit but the picture looked okay and the miles were low. But then I got in the car. It looked like CRAP. The whole interior was falling apart, cracking, the "radio" sounded like it was playing through a set of earbuds, the starter struggled, the engine struggled, and you got that grimy feeling you get when you've spent a while at a bowling alley. Oh, and there was black duct tape on the outside of the black car.

Black isn't my preference anyway. I'm looking at a green one tonight. It might be out of my league, and I've little confidence that it'll still be available by the time I get my turn. But I'm giving it a shot. Here's hoping the inside looks good because everything I've heard sounds amazing. Sometimes you actually get exactly what you're looking for....

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Unknown said...

We go car shopping in a month or so... I can't wait.