Friday, January 25, 2008


Project 1: develop a shape and repeat it in three or four rows of seven... then introduce some sort of variety, keeping the piece as a whole, a piece of art.

Project 2: three columns - the first in perfect symmetry (horizontal, vertical, or both), the second in approximate symmetry, the third done asymmetrically in a radial fashion, where there is a central element from which the other elements radiate.

Heeeeey, I have a scanner/copier/printer in business! Unfortunately, I just figured out how to remove the lid in order to accommodate for these larger sized pictures, but I know for next time. We weren't supposed to glue down our final project that's due next week - she sensed that we didn't have a good grasp of what she wanted, so she said we'd work on it in class on Monday. When I do get everything finished, I'll scan that one in, too.

So... I mean, granted, there was a lot of restriction on one's creativity for the first project, so anything else should be more interesting, but come on. I thought my cat's eye was a good idea. :'( Oh well.

(click on the images for a larger size. :) )


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Anonymous said...

I, the techno challenged one, have just attempted to copy you artwork and email it to myself (since Norfolk Public Schools has banned your radical, I guess)so I can show off my lil Lady Frog's talent to the art dept. at BTW!! Then I plan to add it to my bulletin board in my office. =)

Rina said...

I like your work a lot!! Really cool!