Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Last 24 Hours

Was able to sleep, but kept waking up.
Got out of bed at 4 to take Josh to the airport.
Left for SC from a different part of town than normal and got all turned around and added lots of time to my trip.
Stopped at WalMart and smiled to myself as I wished someone were there to take a picture of me, carrying knitting yarn, a shower curtain, dry wall screws, and nails. Oh, the dichotomy. I'm officially worse than a geek now. I'm a handyman. "I'm a real boy!"
Made it to Greenville a little after 3 and immediately set to putting my room together.
Ran to Lowe's and bought my first piece of lumber ever because the support to go under my mattress didn't stretch all the way across the frame. Used my new measuring tape, special "star" shaped screwdriver heads, hammer, nails, and hack saw in the process of putting the thing together.
Put off the sanding of my old bookshelf, though, for tomorrow morning. (don't have to go into work till 1:30)
Am enjoying the extra space (it's quite noticeable to me as I'm setting up) but wish I could get a hold of the landlord so I know what it is that he's trying to do to my room so I can allow for it - "Don't push the bed against that wall! I need to paint there!"
Can't wait to get the shelf/hanging apparatus set up in the closet.
Still pondering how I'm going to get my assemble-yourself dresser from my back seat to my bedroom. Not going to worry about it though until he's done with the room... which means I can't move my clothes in yet. They're draped haphazardly across my big green chair.
Finally, I think I do want to adopt the bedside table and desk that Sara offered... but I worry that she may have gotten attached to them being in the dining room at this point.

Now I'm at the coffee shop. Don't have internet yet. -_-

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