Sunday, October 14, 2007

peculiar tears

Have you ever noticed how may types of tears there are? Tears of physical pain, emotional pain, physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion, loneliness, joy, meaningless depression, empathy....

It's the tears of empathy that has me intrigued. I just assumed I'd never know how to "cry with someone." Empathize? Absolutely, but not with tears. My dear, favorite Nic told me once that he cried for me after merely reading an e-mail I'd sent him. I was touched, sorry, and curious. What was that feeling like?

I know, now.

It overwhelms you. When there's nothing you can do but ache for a pain contained in no way within yourself... it drives a praying person to his knees. Sometimes quite literally.

I had a good weekend, full of peculiar tears and learning peculiar lessons. I can also put faces to the names I've been working with (on envelopes, in the directory, over the phone...) for two years now. This is awful nice. ;)

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