Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm thankful.

Thankful that I'm not sick. Seems like everyone around me is, but I haven't caught anything yet. I'm chock full of hormonies and have had an annoying little headache for a day or two, but nothing big.

Thankful that my parents are supportive of me... and that they care enough to offer concern when they think it's due... and that they offer the free use of furniture. :-D

Thankful that I'm rich. Thankful also that I have a third spa who wants me to come in this weekend for an interview, and both of the first places have asked me back for a second visit - I'd hate to be at this point and have no job opportunities!

Thankful for all the people who have responded to my questions about housing possibilities - I'd hate to be at this point and have no idea of a place to move to!

Thankful for springtime days nestled a week and a half into December.

Thankful, oh so thankful, for my dear friends and family who listen patiently to my nonsensical ramblings and worries and tears. I love you very much.

Thankful that God is God and knows what He's doing... or so He says. ;-)

[it's been a rough week... slowing down is hard to do.]

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Rina said...

Let's hang out this week. I miss you.