Monday, December 3, 2007

This one's boring.

I spent several hours online locating and applying for massage therapy jobs on Saturday. I heard back from one telling me that they're a brand new business opening this week and they have everyone they need at present, but expect to need additional hands in the future. I got an e-mail from an "Emily" on Sunday, daughter of a CIU employee, and she's coming by tomorrow to check out my room and house to see if she'd like to move into my spot. I wrote Rick asking if he has any news about a place *I* can move into, but he said he doesn't have anything so far... sounded like he hasn't quite recovered from the holidays enough to really look. ;-) I also wrote one of the counselors at Tech on Saturday (haven't heard back; didn't exactly expect to, before the work week started) asking if I could schedule an appointment this week to come and talk to her about enrollment and the program.

I sang in church on Sunday. It felt much better to me than last time, heh. Then Iryna brought David home for the afternoon. He's adorable :-), but I was slightly envious and mostly unsure of how to interact with them as a couple and with him, having just met for the first time, so I spent most of the time in my room (
I do that anyway, nowadays) and tried to take a nap. Then I built a fire and worked on my Christmas project. I thought about going for a run, but was stupid and didn't do it and couldn't sleep. Again.

Here it is, almost 5:30 in the morning, and I'm writing nonsense in my online journal for no reason other than I can't sleep... and I think I just miss talking to people.

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