Friday, December 14, 2007

liable to change...

Friday, 12:01pm
I've decided to post updates as they come, rather than trying to do a big one at the end, so check back for changes! (somebody's bound to be bored and check my blog more than once a day, right? my GOODness, I sound like I'm 14...)
Went in for the first interview (second visit) at 10:30. We got all set up and I was halfway through when there was a knock at the door saying Stacy had an appointment she'd forgotten about and she needed to go. Seriously? LOL. But she seemed really pleased with what she received and said she'd be calling my references today! A big encouragement from the one I gave at the other place - "You're not living up to your potential!" I think the massage I got last week helped, honestly. If nothing else, I was able to remember how relaxing it's SUPPOSED to be and I think it made a difference for my work. Cool.
Okay. Off to lunch!

(never did make it online today, lol)
Yesterday I met Jessykah. She's a mostly agnostic from a Mormon background who lives with her boyfriend but is still a virgin. She's a hermit and has not had a job for a while. Left home at 15 and has spent her life living all over the country in 4 month increments. Nice enough, but just shy of "creepy weird." And the room was itty-bitty. I'd need to find a bed, but I could use the gigantic TV they were storing in the room.
I also met another lady who's in her late 30's, Liz. She lives like 8 minutes from Tech... and 20-30 from everything else. If I were taking more than 2 classes, it might work, but I know I can find someplace closer, right? Besides, the next door roosters would wake me up and the room was too small, but a bed was included. She did have a cat, though.
I also met Andrea, a lady much shorter than I with a homosexual cat ("they were going to breed him but he wasn't interested in the girls and presented himself for the guys") who is trying to sell her futon. I'm considering it still... I'm just afraid that my good experiences with futon beds with prove only to last a week once I have one of my own and then I'll be utterly dissatisfied. Maybe.

We were at Toys R Us at 9:30 this morning in the newly FREEZING weather to wrap Christmas presents. 9:30-3:00, they told us. We took turns going into the store to thaw out until 12:30 when the light sprinkle turned into a downpour that was soaking the wrapping paper and the foot-stamping customers. The Starbucks across the street who had provided a container of coffee for us to pass out to the passers-by asked us to come back when we tore down and help ourselves to their store.
When I went back to my car to drive over there, I realized that when I'd run back to my car for another sweatshirt and to get the number of the girl I was supposed to meet with at 2 (in case I needed to call to reschedule) I'd locked my keys in my car. So AAA came to my rescue about 45 minutes later.
Nicolle had given me the street address to her condo and not her apt. number... and forgot to turn her phone on, so I almost missed meeting her at all. Hers was the most central location to everything I needed. She's 37 (hhhhhh) with a little hyperactive pug and a fireplace. I think the room would be big enough for me but it might be a bit snug. Bed is included and
I would have my own bathroom, though! It was a tiny little place and she's got it full with a lot of stuff. So... I was concerned that Michelle would be irritated by my messiness? I found myself wanting to clean up after Nicolle. Not that it was terrible, but I don't know that I want to deal with that, either, LOL. SO picky, I know.
So I ran away for a while after I met with Nicolle - I preferred to sit in my car an empty parking lot over trying to socialize any more that day. I still went to the party an hour early only to find that half the party was already there getting ready. It was a long and interesting night, going through the cycle of "please can't I go hide in a corner?" to really having fun and laughing with these folks and ending in a long conversation with Rick and Christa (one of the singles that lives at his place) and getting back to Brooke's at about 1. I'd thought I was staying with Rick's family again, but Brooke offered to keep me instead because of a scheduling conflict for them. She has a love seat sleeper. Never seen one of those, but I've been sleeping well on it. :-)

Sunday, 5:18pm
Church this morning took on a new feel after having spent all weekend "in church." It was a good feeling. I used to think I was putting on a front to be so comfortable with so many strangers... now I'm not sure that I'm not just remarkably comfortable with a bunch of people who were no longer strangers after the first five minutes. I met a couple that Rick got in touch with about possibly renting a room to me after church, but it sounds like they're even farther out than Liz. So, much as I'd like to room with someone from the church, I don't know that that's a wise option. I also talked with one guy at care group who lives in a duplex with three guys on one side and three girls on the other who might be willing to take me in for 200-something a month. They're all Christians and that would be really cool... but I don't like the idea of not having a sanctuary, a room of my own to hide out in (there are only 3 bedrooms per side). I'll drive by there before I leave town and see if someone's home, at least, since I really want to make a final decision this week.
A group of, gosh, 16? 18? of us went to Corona for lunch (it's like Monterrey's) and stayed and chatted for entirely too long before I left to meet Sara. I like Sara. She's only 25 (someone my own age!), the house is nice and new, it has fun (but not obnoxious) colors, my room would be bigger than any of the others I've looked at this weekend but is one of the cheapest, is 5 minutes from downtown and only 12 from church (17 from school), it comes with a twin bed, the stairway is big enough not to be a problem for moving my chair in, it's clean, and she's redecorating so I'd be able to help out with that and make it my own a little. I told her I needed to not make an on the spot decision but that I was VERY interested. :-D Unfortunately, I took a call from SportsClub while I was there, telling me that my heart was not in my massaging and they'd be looking elsewhere. Interesting that they know where my heart is and I don't, but after getting the same feedback after that second try I'd already pretty much guessed that answer.
Now I'm sitting in Carolina Coffee Roasters, my favorite coffee shop and just around the corner from church. I always go get a drink before church but didn't have time today so here I am, having long finished my Mistletoe Kiss drink, lol.
Not sure what the evening holds... tomorrow I have my two Tech meetings, an interview, and one m0re potential roommate to meet... talk about not being the same age. She's 53. I'm tempted to call it off at this point, but hey, I'm here and need to fill my time till 6:00, right? Also, I need to meet new people! Till next time....


Rina said...

That's awesome! I wasn't sure what time you had to be there today. I know I asked you, but we all know that Rina's memory stinks. Good luck with the rest of your day. Enjoy lunch.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the 14 year old updates!!!! I'll check like a 13 year old!