Saturday, December 22, 2007

this week

I'd been saying I would move to Greenville the first week of January. CIU always started around the end of the month, so I figured that would give me plenty of time after the holidays to get settled. My brother was going to be in VA through the 2nd and I wanted to see him as long as I could. Well, in my meetings at the school on Monday, I learned that they start January 7th instead. Officially got my acceptance letter in the mail today. I'm taking just two courses, but I'm told that the Design class isn't something you want to take with a lot of other stuff anyway because it takes so much work. Oh, and I found out I can get a refund of about 50% because of the SC lottery for Tech schools.

My half dozen rooming opportunities were mostly not really what I was looking for and I was only seriously considering a couple by the time I got home after my weekend trip. Once I wrote all the comparisons (price, location, size of room, etc.) down on paper, it was clear that I really wanted to and was best off to room with Sara, so I texted her Monday night to reserve my spot. I'll be paying a little bit more for rent than I am here, but I'm also getting 45 square feet more space to my room and the house itself is bigger. She said the current roommate would be out by Friday. Found out the next day that he was already out, Sara's sister was already moving into the other room upstairs, and I could come any time I wanted. I asked Corrina what days she had off this week; Wednesday and Thursday were her answers. I asked if she'd help me move on Thursday. She very graciously consented. *applause and cheers*

Wednesday night was dinner with the Brookses, preceded by lots of packing and trying to figure out how I'd transport all my stuff using the least amount of money. My genius father suggested I simply rent a cargo van from Enterprise... turns out it was much cheaper than all the "truck rental" place options. Fortunately, they take orders for the afternoon before.

I had three interviews last weekend and found out this morning that I got the massage therapist job at the last place - a spa downtown, six minutes from my new house. Training starts on the 3rd.

Had to go back into town today to meet up with Sara about signing the lease and paying my deposit before they left for their holidays in NY. Got a text from her brother (who owns the house) asking when I'd be back so he could be done with the alterations before I got there - painting and such to cover over a little bit of mess the last tenant left. Just about had a heart attack and politely asked him to wait till I'd had some time to reorganize the room. MAN why do I have so much stuff??

I'm trying to get a hold of Debbie, the first girl to indicate she was interested in taking my spot at 911. Iryna's heard back from Lindsay, her friend from Florence, and she said she'd be interested in at least staying through the end of my lease and then seeing what she wants to do from there, so I'm covered as far as that goes.

My room here in Cola is bare. Not empty, as I'm leaving the bed (wasn't mine to begin with), the desk, the el cheapo drawer set, and a little crate... but there's nothing "living" in them anymore except my little amphibians and crustacean. Everything is already in my new room except for my stuff for the holidays and one of the bookshelves Lexi sold me.

So you see... I've been running around screaming this week. And the only reason I'm writing this now is because I woke up in the middle of the night, hhh. Breakfast with Joy in the morning, w00t, and then another road trip to VA to see my family. I'll be so glad to rest a while. But God is good and I'm excited about what crazy stuff He's up to now.

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