Friday, November 30, 2007


Started Amos.
Worked on an e-mail.
Went to the CIU Fitness Center.
Talked to Teresa about babysitting again while I'm still here. I've got the time, right?
Watched a movie with Lexi and worked on a Christmas present.
Got a call from Bill (Teresa's husband) asking if I can babysit tomorrow.
Had dinner and watched a movie (I've been watching a lot of movies lately) with the Brookses and worked on the present some more.
Sang to myself in the car.
Checked the mail and got Ratatouille. And a paycheck. And my confirmation postcard from Locks of Love.

And my massage license.

It is a good day.


knic pfost said...

i knew first!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Helllooooo LISCENSED lil Lady Frog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Mama Toad is proud of you!!!!