Thursday, April 10, 2008

Design project... 37?

I've lost count.

I would have gotten a hundred on the gargoyle, except she counted it late. You saw the three wheels of grade scale, got an A+ on that and the same on my nature collection (haven't scanned it in yet, but I have it back so I should be able to, soon). Then we had the frottage project, which I feel okay about, and the huge book project after that. I totally botched the book part - my pages aren't all the same size (I think they were better before I tried to trim them ) and the cover didn't come out quite as clean as I had envisioned, but I thought all (well, almost) my 26 line drawings inside were quite good, so I may still do okay. Plus I was one of the few who turned it in on time, lol.

The project we turned in last night is pretty self-explanatory when you see it - complimentary color scales, and those going to white, and the basic colors going to black, and the color "wheel." Ideally, I would have had a square punch for the swatches, but I couldn't find one and she'd said it was acceptable to use the circle.

Total swatches used: 193
Estimated total swatches painted: over 400
Estimated creation time over the last week: two class periods (3), one day (5), one morning (2), one afternoon (2), two evenings (6) = 18 hours. Enjoy! (or else!)

I didn't see anyone else turn theirs in yesterday (I mean really, what normal person has 18 hours in one week to spend on one Design project anyway??) but when I handed her mine, she sounded really pleased and showcased it to the class as an excellent example.

[Will post a proper scan when I get the project back, but I finished the project with just enough time to clean my crap out of the living room and pack the car for class to get there right on time... no time for scanning!]

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