Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yes dear friends, after all this time, I've finally taken some pictures. I got the motivation when I did an overhaul on my room last night. (Doesn't anyone want to come visit while it's still clean???) So anyway, not sure how much longer I'll be here LOL but here it is, and I like it. :-D

We'll do my room first, a shot from each of the corners, going clockwise. No, you don't get to see inside my closet. Just trust me on this one - it spans the entire width of the wall that it's on. So it's a fair size, just not very deep.


Leave my room and you can see the spacious bathroom (it really is, it's just hard to take good pics of bathrooms...), linen closet, Raquel's room, and the laundry closet.

If you go right out of my bedroom, you'll tumble down a wide set of stairs. At the bottom, you see Sara's bathroom and bedroom to the right, and the back door and storage closet to the left.

Past Sara's room to the right is the kitchen. Pardon the mess. It's not mine. :-P

Yes, we have white columns in our house. Pass out of the kitchen/dining area and you come to the living room with a borrowed TV, former roomie's bookshelves, and hand me down purple couches. And also the front door.

Here's the view from the front of the house, yay! And working our way around to the back...

that door is to a small storage shed that Daniel keeps empty and won't let us use. -_- Those steps lead up to the back door.

Here's a shot of the neighborhood as you're looking at it down the street behind my house...

and some condos across the way. You can see the playground from here, too. Haven't tried it yet, but it seems cool. ;)

Soh. There you go!


Anonymous said...

Mama Toad asks: What's behind the comment, "Not sure how much longer I'll be here." O-o?

learning beautiful said...

do you know how long I'll be here? that'd be a neat trick! ;) I just mean my lease is up after six months and I don't know how everybody will be feeling by then... honestly, I'm feeling like I'd like to have my own place for a bit. y'know, one day. for the sake of the cat, if nothing else.

Unknown said...

Very cute! But you need to send me your new address - you never did respond to the e-mail I wrote last week.