Thursday, April 10, 2008

in pain...

I went to the gym last night. I've been going pretty faithfully - three times a week almost every week for a month and a half. I approached one of the guys to ask about the chiropractor they have on staff... but as soon as I needed it, the word "chiropractor" went out of my head so I stood there with my mouth open for a second and he said, "Oh, you want to work with a trainer, don't you? Come on!"

I got suckered in.

I worked with Janelle for 15 minutes. Just 15. When I went to the gym on Monday, I was there about two hours. Which I don't mind - working out feels good to me. But when I got out of the car after I had driven home last night, I could barely climb the steps to the front door.

Actually, it's not that I'm in pain... not yet... I'm just very aware of my weakness. Like, can't straighted my legs and flex my quads, weak.

Love it.

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