Friday, February 20, 2009

the driving force

I have a theory.

I could be wrong. If so, I apologize. It's not personal. I still love you. But I'm curious about the difference between men, women, and defining terms regarding driving.

Joseph says he's a very good driver, for example. Possibly one of the best he knows. He's proud to be a good driver. And I love Joseph dearly, but he's pretty scary out on the road. He's good AT driving, but I'd never say to another woman, "Yes, he's a good driver." Although come to think of it, I might tell another guy that he's a good driver. Hmm.

So here's my idea. I think that girls in general (please don't throw any fruit at me. generalizations are okay, I swear) would define "good" driving as "safe" driving. But when a guy says he's a "good driver" what he means is that he's a "skilled driver," which often includes what moms all over the country would consider "reckless" driving. He means that he's capable of operating the vehicle... even to its fullest potential. Of 130mph. So when crossing definitions between species, the problem arises that not all good driving is terribly skilled, but neither is all skilled driving good.

Has anyone else run into this problem...?

(And guys, on behalf of all the girls who are neither good nor skilled, I offer my profound apologies. )

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knic pfost said...

mmm, i'd agree with you. maybe i'm a woman deep down, but i've always defined a "good driver" as a "safe" one.