Thursday, February 19, 2009

There's just something beautiful about it.

A day that's too cool for shorts but warm enough to turn off the heat and sit inside with the door open.

The sun's path has been deterred by leaves and branches, the railing on the patio, and finally by the half open blinds inside and for a second you find yourself wondering if it's the leaves dancing... or the rays themselves. Tiny spots of yellow-white light dance on the glossy leaves outside, some green, some still brown.

And with all the white noise turned off inside, you can actually hear the sounds floating in through the screen door. The wind whipping through the trees playfully like a lover with his beloved's hair. There also comes the occasional wind chime, melodic in its unpredictability; gentle, clear, and strong without being overbearing. And oh, the birds! The tweets and chirps of their songs as they dash by, they complete the call.

There's something irresistible about it. Once you hear it, really hear it, you cannot help but obey the command to be still, to listen, to relax. A call to peace.

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