Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Will Hunting (part 1)

Are they hookin' you up with a job?

Yeah, sit in a room and do long division for the next fifty years.

Yah, but it's better than this s-. At least you'd make some nice bank.

Yeah, be a f-in' lab rat.

It's a way outta here.

What do I want a way outta here for? I want to live here the rest of my
life. I want to be your next door neighbor. I want to take our kids to
little league together up Foley Field.

Look, you're my best friend, so don't take this the wrong way, but in 20
years, if you're livin' next door to me, comin' over watchin' the f-in'
Patriots' games and still workin' construction, I'll f-in' kill you.
And that's not a threat, that's a fact. I'll f-in' kill you.

Chuckie, what are you talkin'...

Listen, you got somethin' that none of us have.

Why is it always this? I owe it to myself? What if I don't want to?

F- you. You owe it to me. Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up and I'll be fifty
and I'll still be doin' this. And that's all right 'cause I'm gonna make
a run at it.
But you, you're sittin' on a winning lottery ticket and you're too much of
a p- to cash it in. And that's bulls- 'cause I'd do anything to
have what you got! And so would any of these guys. It'd be a f-in' insult
to us if you're still here in twenty years.

You don't know that.

Let me tell you what I do know. Every day I come by to pick you up, and we
go out drinkin' or whatever and we have a few laughs. But you know what
the best part of my day is? The ten seconds before I knock on the door
'cause I let myself think I might get there, and you'd be gone. I'd knock
on the door and you wouldn't be there. You just left.

A beat.

CHUCKIE (cont'd)
Now, I don't know much. But I know that.

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