Monday, November 19, 2007

weekend refreshment (pt. 2 - Tech)

The school was awesome. I walked in to what seemed to be an empty building. I'd been told that a packet would be waiting for me at the front desk; it was. I started toward the display in the front room when a security guard, Cat, asked if I needed help. Turns out she was waiting for me - one of the people I'd been in contact with had asked her to show me around. I told her I wanted to study art, so she took me upstairs and introduced me to Aaron - a tall, Amish-bearded fellow with very white teeth and a big smile. She said he'd be better equipped to give me the tour (even though he protested that he's never given one before, lol). He's... an artist. I forget that when we're in our element, we're very distinct individuals.

Guys, I can't explain it, but art does something to me. I stepped foot onto the art hall and spontaneously started jumping up and down. I was breathless and I couldn't stop smiling and giggling the whole time.

Afterwards, I went back downstairs to actually look at the display I'd seen earlier. They were award winning pieces, many of them. The Cat came back as I was finishing up and wanted to chat about what I was doing and what my plans were. She's been in the military and in and out of Tech for like 25 years now. She's very bitter in a strange, good humored sort of way. Bitter that she's just figuring out what she loves... and that she spent half of her life in
Columbia. I still think it's a nice place to be, but I can't deny that if nothing else, Greenville's a lot prettier. After a good 20 minutes plus, she looked me in the eye and said, "You're just scared. Just make the move. You've already made the decision. Don't waste any more time."

I... well, I... hmm.



Anonymous said...

"The Cat came back", huh. Cute, dessi. =P

Anonymous said...

Next time you are in Greenville, you need to come visit us (or I'll come have coffee/lunch with you!). :-)