Monday, November 5, 2007

Nature lights my spark.

I like ladders.

It really is an oddity, I guess. Maybe it's the story they have to tell.

See, ladders don't come out by themselves and they don't come out for no reason. Something was broken or needed breaking into... a cat needed rescuing or a branch needed cutting... even ladders permanently secured (like on the roof outside by old bedroom window) offer the promise of adventure. "Because of me, you can go places you otherwise couldn't, do things you weren't otherwise able. Many people are afraid of me. Will you trust me? See where I'll take you?"

Maybe it's just the feisty little girl in me that was told ladders are for big people jobs... told by "big people" who didn't know just how daring this little girl could be.

I like bridges, too. And paths that wind into the woods. Stairs formed by stones or roots. Boulders that let you sit in the middle of a river without getting the least bit wet. The sound of moving water and the wind in the trees. I like that feeling you get when you discover something that you know not many people will ever see.


Anonymous said...

Can I take the credit for "let me rest a while"? Or do I need to attribute it to someone else? I can't quite remember, you see...

learning beautiful said...

You may, in fact. "God, pull Jess up in your lap and let her rest a while" was (I think) the specific wording of what (I think) was a note/prayer you gave me when I was depressed in college. Here's the link to the original drawing; I didn't feel like scanning the second, poster-size version. :-P

Anonymous said...

You're right! Here it is! = )