Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My face is weird.

No, really. I mean it.

You remember those fancy schmancy Seacret and Etre products I was using a few months back that totally made me break out all over my face when they were supposed to be the most natural, healthy thing for your skin? And I did take them back and after much poking and prodding did get a refund. *phew* "I've never heard of that happening before. Are you sure you were using it consistently? It's completely natural; you shouldn't be breaking out." My skin started getting better, but wasn't back to normal - the blemishes that I had earned simply weren't healing - and I was starting to wonder if maybe it wasn't Seacret's fault after all. Then I remembered something.

My dear beloved friend Liz used (maybe she still does) Clearasil Ultra for washing her face when we were in college together and she swore by it. Again, I have generally very clear skin and I don't know why I wasn't satisfied with that, but I gave it a shot several years ago. It didn't work very well (I started breaking out - not a whole lot, but more than normal) so I went back to the original. Well, when I was coming off of the Seacret products, I was using Ultra again... I think I thought it would make it heal faster or something because it's supposed to give you "guaranteed clear skin in three days" and it's twice as expensive etc. etc.

A couple of days after I fully realized my repeat mistake and started using regular, cheapest-on-the-shelf, same-thing-I've-used-since-I-was-12 Clearasil, my face started to clear up. Guys, this is the first time I've been zit free in many months.

I mean, okay. I've been blessed with skin that isn't terribly prone to irritation. But I don't understand why "pampering" it would make it break out. You'd think it would at least show no signs of change, right?

My face is weird. But at least it's clean! :-D

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knic pfost said...

i happen to believe that the acne companies actually create product that ultimately harm your face, to create an artificial dependency.

i've been acne-product free for years now, and can count my total zits on one hand.

[not that, mind you, my zits show up on my hands.]