Monday, November 26, 2007

ironic yet tasty

The weather was beautiful on Thursday. Almost, I thought, TOO warm to be considered genuine camping weather, though it would certainly have sufficed. (It's gotta be nippy for it be genuine in my book.) When we left the house on Friday, however, we knew we were in trouble: 30/40 degree weather both nights as we attempted to sleep in a tent. Glad I brought a comforter along with my sleeping bag, lol! But no rain. Traditionally, when we go camping as a family, it's either too cold, rainy, or both.

Today brought the warmer weather and the rain and I now find myself dissatisfied with the new layout of my room as my green chair is most definitely too far away from the window to enjoy the beautiful gloominess outside.

In other news, I had the necessary forms notarized and checked and triple checked the list of things I needed... and mailed off the application form for my official massage license. (Apparently, the paper I earned after I took the exam wasn't the last step. Somewhere along the line, I didn't catch that part.) I also applied for my transcript to turn in to Greenville Tech when I go to talk to some folks and finalize my enrollment... either this week or next. Still waiting to hear back from the singles' pastor about rooming opportunities at SGC.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Part 2 was great. Four of the family members were able to make it back into town for the event along with a face new to me. We totaled thirteen sitting around the hosts' table and extended around a card table as well. Contributions to food and conversation were delicious all night long and I left full and happy. Interesting. With these folks, these dear friends, there is no concept of time, no feeling of, "You've been gone so long!" once they are again present. For all the "I miss you so bad!"s while they're away, upon their return, it's as if they'd never left. That fellowship was perhaps the sweetest course of all.

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Rina said...

That's kind of funny how different it is for us when friends return. For me I feel like we've missed so much and for you it's just like picking up where you left off.