Saturday, November 10, 2007

harder than I expected

I planned to take this week off. You know, *enjoy* the "being single" aspect of unemployment. But road trips on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, a lunch meeting and massive cleaning on Wednesday, an emergency trip to Doctors Care (Andrea had an accident :-() and multitudinous errands on Thursday, then more cleaning and prepping for and going to an interview today, followed by several hours of online job hunting and dinner out with the Brookses... I can't say as I've been able to relax like I thought I would.

My sleep has been better, at least. Apparently, I had too many toxins in my system.

But now I'm a basket case. I've been crying all week over little things. And big things too, I guess... but not anything terribly new that needs crying over, y'know? Everything feels a shambles in my life - my room and my car and my relationships and whatthecrapamIsupposedtobedoingwithmylifenow and self worth and loving and healing and encouraging and asking forgiveness....

I'm tired of being strong. I know it's not really right but it's kinda where I hang out... the fact that it's exhausting me though means something else is up. I need to troubleshoot my soul....

(Yes, of course I'm also dealing with being completely hormonal. So don't cross me! Raaar!! ;-))

Hoping to post some pictures soon. :-)

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Rina said...

Sorry you had such a rough week, too. Love you.