Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1 Peter and suffering

SGC Greenville is going through the book of First Peter this year. Yes. Until September or so, they say, we will be going through a five chapter book of the Bible. Focusing on the aspects found therein that teach us how to look at suffering in life.

I'm excited.

This past Sunday we talked about viewing present suffering (whether it be at the hands of an anti-Christian government, an abusive parent, or rejected affections) in light of the cross, as well as eternity to come, and the good that we know will come of it.

In light of the cross because it is by God's grace and sacrifice that we are saved and have hope. We don't hope in ourselves or lose hope over our sins because He has done away with them and we are righteous in God's eyes. In light of eternity because from that vantage point, this momentary suffering will not only appear the triviality that it surely is, but be shown in the light that God saw all along - how it was necessary for a short time to make us more like Him and force us to do what we say we already want to do - walk closer with Him.

And it is a short time. Even your whole life isn't really a very long time.

And Single's Awareness Day? It's only twenty-four hours long. Piece of cake.

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