Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I was talking with a friend on Sunday about a movie she wanted me to come see with her. 27 dresses. I've seen the previews. It looks cute. And I told her no.

I've heard of guys who can't/won't go to certain movies because they know there will be nudity or risque behavior and it will be a temptation to lust, so they avoid it altogether. Well, I've lost all interest in chick flicks because they are a temptation to be depressed, discontent, envious, and covetous of something I don't have.

I don't have 27 dresses. In fact, I only have three, if I'm not mistaken. But if you want to count the number of weddings of close friends that I've attended in the last few years, we're talking at least a dozen. Not quite halfway there, but you see my dilemma. It's just a little too close to home.

"But there's nothing wrong with chick flicks," you say. "Shouldn't you stick it out until it is no longer a problem and you can enjoy them with us?" Call me the weaker sister. Rather than putting myself in a situation where I know I'll be tempted, I just try to steer clear. Fortunately, it's made even easier by the fact that I don't even get the warm fuzzies from them any more because they make me so miserable, LOL.

And that's another thing. Going the other direction and watching a movie because it'll make you cry. What?! I have to be in some kind of extreme self-loathing, deep, someone-get-me-a-razorblade depression before I'll consciously put a song on because I know it'll increase those feelings. And songs are usually less than five minutes long. There are people out there who can handle it for two hours?? (and I know some of my readers do this sometimes... I mean no disrespect!... I just don't understand.)

Can anyone relate with me?


Unknown said...

I completely understand - in college I had to stop reading certain Christian authors, such as Lori Wick. They helped me be uncontent with my life. So more power to you! :-)

knic pfost said...

you are a genius.