Thursday, February 28, 2008

today, in bullet form

  • got up early
  • tried to make cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal with oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon
  • was disappointed
  • went to the DMV
  • came back home to get my SSC and passport
  • went back to the DMV and finally, after almost seven years, got myself an SC license
  • studied at Port City Java for two hours and randomly ran into Andrew from care group, lol
  • got a call from Nic saying he'll be in town this weekend and wants to exchange hugsnsuch
  • went to campus to get an article to write a summary for class
  • went back home to write and print said paper
  • signed up for a membership at the new Peak Fitness
  • went back to campus to take the history test
  • walked up with a poor classmate who was absent last week and didn't know we had the test... we studied together for the 25 minutes before class... =|
  • I think I did okay... not so sure about him...
  • returned some items to WalMart and bought some more things in return, hhhh
  • worked out at the Peak Fitness on Laurens (mine isn't open till next week or so)
  • enjoyed it thoroughly. working out rox my sox
  • am home now and looking forward to a good night's sleep

But do you see why I need more than one day off at a time to feel like I've gotten a break? LOL And they tried to ask if I wanted to come into work today....

[it's been a long week. hard, in that good-for-you sort of way, but also good-good as far as fellowship and the little things go. thank God for the little things. hope you're well. I'm getting there....]

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Happens... Such casual concurrence