Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome!... :-/

"'Excuse me, but are you Rich Mullins?'
And I had to think back over the conversation to see if I was or not."

I'm starting to show my new friends, folks from SGC Greenville, my blog. Maybe they'll read it, maybe they won't. But it's unnerving. I mean, you guys, my readers of two, three, five years, who have been my friends through all of my crap and know how I'm wired a little bit... you understand where I'm coming from, my history, what would make me say something on here.

These folks don't know me. They don't know my story. Do I want them to come in, mid-stream, and be bombarded by my frustrated attempts at honesty or proud complaints? My actions say "Yes. Let them know me. If I'm not what they're hoping for, then at least they were not mislead." But my heart is shifting most uncomfortably in her seat.

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Anonymous said...

i gotta admit - here's one person who's glad to get to know you better. i'm excited you "let me in" and i'm looking forward to knowing you to greater depths. so, as you welcome me in, let me also say "welcome" i'm glad you're here. =)