Friday, February 1, 2008


Several years ago... gosh, I think I was still at CIU... I constructed this piece. It was one of the most planned, most complicated, most difficult pieces I've ever done. The idea was not original, sadly, though it seems like something I'd think of. My church used to meet at a middle school and this was one of the projects the kids would periodically display on the halls. I never forgot that, cuz I thought it was such an awesome idea, but didn't get around to doing my own till several years later.

I mounted it on strips of black posterboard held together by duct tape with each frame secured to the posterboard by double sided tape and, later, blobs of sticky tack. Then I realized I hadn't scanned it in yet and didn't want to take it apart, so I took digital pictures of it, LOL. The piece has undergone four of my moves and probably a road trip since its creation, transported in a rolled fashion for the sake of space. It stands to reason, then, that it's starting to show its age and I didn't even want to display it in my new room in this condition. So I disassembled it yesterday. Took each of the wrinkled, bent, worn panels off and threw away the black background and scanned the images in.

So... yes. Was finally able to get a decent digital representation. w00t. Also, I stacked them vertically rather than horizontally. What do you think?

I also finally scanned in another of my works that I had done some time ago, never having scanned it in due to its large size and the fact that I had a similar piece on a smaller scale to scan instead. I'm glad to have it, though... it's one of my favorites, too. ;)

(click on either image to enlarge)

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Rina said...

Hey there. I love your hair. So pretty. It's funny, but whenever I have looked at the morphing picture, I always started from the right and ended up at Garfield. It's very different starting from Garfield. Really cool that it has two different looks depending on which end you look at first.