Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Can't wait for the weekend."

If you don't like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday because they're not Friday... and you don't even like the first half of Friday because you're doing the same thing you've been doing all week... Saturdays are awesome but Sundays are kinda drab because the next day is a day that you don't like.... You're living 78.5% of your life waiting for the other 21.5%.

I've been thinking about this because I often get clients in on Friday who, when I ask how they are doing, will say, "I'm glad it's Friday!" That might mean more to me if I, too, didn't work on Saturday, but Friday is just another day to us.

I don't think about it most of the time, but I should be struggling, fighting to appreciate each day, y'know? Five and a half days out of the week must not be spent being miserable simply because you have to work. So you don't like your job. Don't hate life just because you don't like what you're doing at the moment... eventually you'll start hating Friday and Saturday simply because they're gone so quickly and then you're left with nuthin'.

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