Wednesday, February 6, 2008

(don't!) Super Size Me

I'd been interested in seeing this movie for some time, but never was like, oo, let's go get this movie! So I got it on my Blockbuster queue a few days ago and finally had time to watch it tonight after class.

I enjoyed it. I thought that, as a documentary, it was really informative and interesting. I especially took note both that food really is an addictive property, sending off the same signals in the brain as drugs... and that when you're eating that type of food you get depressed and need more to make you happy for a while... later making you MORE depressed. (I have long known this to be true... but I liked hearing someone say it)

And I need to change my diet. -_- I eat out SO much now, ever since I've been in Greenville. Not always fast food necessarily, but I tend to eat more when I'm out than I would than when I'm home. I guess this trend is partly because I'm so busy and at first I didn't have any of my kitchen stuff unpacked, but I don't really think that's a valid excuse, y'know? And even when you DO go out, you can make better choices than... some... of the ones... I've made.... I mean, seriously. Looking at it en mass on the screen, I had to wonder, when did it become okay to subject our bodies to trying to make good of nast like fast food?

Anyway. Eat healthy. Drink water. Exercise. Be well!

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Anonymous said...

let me know when you want help unpacking the kitchen stuff and I'm there...