Saturday, March 29, 2008

care group questions

"What is something that distracts your attention from the all-important work Christ did on the cross?"


When I'm in pain, be it physical or emotional, it makes little difference, it's all I can see. My aching heart or my sprained ankle or my sore wrist or my headache... it IS my world, when I'm not careful (which is often).

"What is something you can do to direct your attention back, have gospel centered thinking, and renew your joy?"

As I was putting the words together in my mind, I realized that what works for me is what they told me all along... I just didn't see it: confess your sin. I have to be honest about how I'm feeling rather than stuffing it and moving on (pride, selfishness, or both) and take the time to see what those feelings are and why they aren't Christ-centered. If I won't admit where I am, emotionally, I don't understand it; I can't confess it or see why it's not where I want to be. But! Once I've seen it, owned up to it, confessed it, then I can be freed of it and find joy again.

I feel like my answers are very simple compared to the rest. I don't know if that's my perception, or if it's due to maturity, or because everyone assumes the simple answers and therefore go for something deeper.... But I didn't get a chance to share last night due to time (and me not butting in) and I wanted to flesh out those thoughts here.

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