Saturday, March 8, 2008

Many Things. (TM)

Hokay, zoh.

Monday Design class, I was behind cuz I'd skipped Wendesday's class, right? We were supposed to create a graphite value scale, or so I was told, by using the same amount of pressure with each of the ten grades of art pencil we were told to buy at the beginning of the semester. So since I forgot my tool box, I borrowed the pencils from my neighbor and quickly did the assignment. I use a really light pressure when I draw, to a fault, so even my 8B (softest graphite) was a really light shade. Turns out it didn't matter... it was just to use for the upcoming project (see last post).

Wednesday I go into class on zero amounts of sleep, as I had been up till 3:15 finishing the project and was afraid to take my medicine. It's supposed to last 6-8 hours, you see, and I only had 3.75 before the alarm went off. I figured I'd at least fall straight asleep... but it was not to be.

As per the doctor's orders, I've started halving my meds, trying to make sure I don't get hooked and can just let my body get into the groove of sleeping naturally at night. So Wednesday and Thursday night that's what I did, but was still exhausted the next day. Took a whole one last night... still didn't make much of a difference. Anyway. All that is actually a side note, LOL.

After class, I went to the Silver Chair to meet up with a couple of girls I had agreed to meet there the week before. I think they forgot we'd talked about it, but I got caught up in a conversation with a couple of the guys from church who DID happen to be there and stayed much later than I should have, considering all the work I had to do. One of them gave me the idea I needed for this big project coming up, though, for which I was very excited. (thanks Justin!)

I went into my other class, History of Western Art, on Thursday night. I was coming from art supply shopping for the big project due for Design in a few weeks that will count as two grades (it's a doozy) and was afraid I'd be late... so I tried to short cut my way there on time. Instead I got lost, rear-ended a nice lady who jumped out, looked, and waved me on, and was three minutes late for class. I think she was gracious enough to wave it this time, though. (she's a stickler for being on time)

We got our second tests back - I got an 80 (unless she didn't give me full credit for the one page paper we're supposed to hand in along with each test). Which is a few points better than the last one. Which is hard for me, since I'm used to getting A's or high B's without study... and I've spent 2 or 3 or more hours studying each time.

It became clear from the discussion at the end of class that the rough draft (to be traded with a classmate and proofread) of the big, semester-long research paper that I haven't started on... is due next Thursday. But since this past Thursday night, I've been working during business hours and haven't been able to get to the library for books. Not that I've had the energy to be looking through them in the first place. So I'm going to have to skip lunch with the gang from church so that I can get in tomorrow, and also skip the afternoon/evening at the Payne's where the gang is going to hang out and play games, because I have to be working on this research paper. And the Design project that was assigned Wednesday and is due Monday night.

Meanwhile, my room is still a disaster. The laundry basket that was full of clean clothes is starting to shrink and the dirty basket that never quite made it back into the closet is overflowing. I had to go to WalMart after work tonight so that my cat didn't think I'm trying to starve her to death (we were out of food). And I'm still tired. And I really, really don't want to start researching.

Blarg. Anyway. That's what's new with me.

Also... I had a talk with my pastor, Matt, at care group last night. I don't know that I'm satisfied even yet, but he gave me some things to chew on. Wonderful friends Katie and Salem both gave the therapist a massage that night, too. My friend Emily has had a debilitating migraine for like two weeks straight, but she still comes to care group. We have a new female therapist at the spa, and supposedly a guy coming from Italy... but right before he was supposed to start, his dad died so he had to fly out for the funeral. I think I'm getting better at my trade and I am gradually improving my body mechanics (which actually HAS seemed to help my end-of-the-day condition!)... but I'm really starting to miss secretary work. It's weird. Just had the first client to come back to me for a third time today - very exciting. She's already booked for another one in two weeks, w00t. Oh, and had a person who's been in like twenty times or more came to me today for a SUPER deep massage... and she said she'd ask for me next time. I don't even think I'm all that good at deep massage... or at least I didn't before today, hhh. OH! And Charter is coming on Monday to set us up with real internet, YAY!

My cat almost fell off the headboard of my bed. I lawled at her. ^_^

Okay. I really can't keep putting this off. Suffice it to say that life is a little weary, but God is good and I've got it way better than most.


Rina said...

Oh, my word, you're busy! I'm sure you'll get everything done. Don't stress too much. It sounds like you've made some good friends. That's awesome. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

love you. hang in there. breathe.

seriously. stop right now and breathe. for 30 seconds.

start with oneonethousand... then twoonethousand... until you get to thirtyonethousand. :)

you better listen. i'll kick you and give you a debilitating migraine if you don't and believe you me, you don't want that.

love you lots.

learning beautiful said...

I LOLed. thank you, ladies. I miss you too, Rina. I can come see you Sunday afternoon?? pweeze?