Friday, March 28, 2008

ML2: limitations + ML3: ask, seek, knock?

I think there's something in our nature that tries to make us think we're omnipotent, that we can do any and everything, that we can handle whatever comes at us. We don't like to think we're dependent on Someone.

It is sometimes good, therefore, to overstep our boundaries. That way we know where they are.

I know how much is too much for me to work. If I have inflicted permanent damage, then my boundary may be even closer than when I passed it this time, but I've got the general idea.

It hasn't been a part of my schedule for several weeks - either she wasn't in the office or I didn't have any time free (often the case, since I'm now the only one working that day) but I'm supposed to meet with Mary every Wednesday to go over how I'm doing in the company, how much I'm selling, how many clients I'm seeing, etc. And she asks me - how many clients to I want to try to get to rebook this week? How many new clients do I want to try to sell products to? How many clients do I want to have for the week?

Now, up until this point, I've been... okay. I've been tired, I've been sore, but I've also been new and figuring out my place in the company and getting my body used to the work, so I've expected to be tired and sore. So I just always told her the same number each week, because it had been... okay... for me to do that many. And I figured I didn't really have any say, anyway - I had to take what was coming. After my experience this past week, though, I wonder if my serious input might make a difference. Like, if I told them I only wanted to see 18 clients a week, would that keep them from putting more on? Or if I said I only wanted 16, would my chances be good of getting, maybe not 16, but closer to 16 than to 23? See... I really don't think Stacy is the bad guy. I think the bad guy is a lack of communication between all parties involved. Me to them about what my needs are, her to them about how serious she is about taking care of us, and them "communicating" with the schedule - just being too busy to notice how much they're piling on.

My wrist has been better yesterday and today, but it's rather sore this evening. Hoping it will be better by morning....

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