Tuesday, March 25, 2008

night beauty

"There's something magical
about discerning the caps of the waves
by naught but the full moon
as you drive over a lake."

I was on a long drive. Kinda lonesome. Wanted somebody to talk to. And then I passed over a huge lake. There were no lights around, just the moon (that was a little less than full, but close enough) reflecting off the water. More gorgeous than the image above - the best picture I could find online. So I sent out a text to a bunch of friends to see if anybody was up and chatty. The loving responses? :

"Please don't drive in the lake or text long poems while you drive...."

"I wish you'd stop driving on lakes that aren't frozen!!!"


Anonymous said...

But...I'm loving you!

Rina said...

Hey there. Sorry I didn't respond. I didn't get your text until the next day because I was visiting my parents. I totally intended to text back, but I don't have any excuse. I would have loved to talk to you. I miss you, friend.

Anonymous said...

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