Sunday, March 30, 2008

ML4: we need each other; ML5: don't complain

I've heard my share of slander since starting at the Spa. This person is so bad because of this, that person is so lazy because of that, etc.

Don't complain. Complaining is like a disease that spreads quickly and affects everyone you come in contact with. Complaining just makes both you and the recipient miserable. It might bring about change, therefore there can be a positive aspect to it, but I don't think that's the best way to go about it.


We need each other. It does no good to cut one another down (to their face or behind their back) because we're only hurting ourselves. We're part of the same team. If I wish ill for a member of my own team, it doesn't do me good. It's especially apparent to me in this context - it's a lot harder to do my job with 3.5 people than it was when there were 7. My not liking someone doesn't mean that I don't need them to be there and do their job.

In the end, will it have been better that so many of our team have left, if we are eventually able to replace them with better, more positive individuals? Perhaps. I'm not saying it's not for the best. But in the meantime, I wish more people could see that we need to build each other up because it means we're taking care of ourselves.

I just found one of the new nail techs is leaving. "On call," she says. Just like the seasoned esthetician who is also leaving. I just... I KNOW it could be such a great place to work and I wish it could live up to its potential as such, but I don't think anyone knows where the weak links are.

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