Saturday, March 8, 2008

Design project 7

Create three value wheels: one done with black India (quill pen -esque) ink, one with black and white paint, and one with various grades of graphite pencil. In a way that touches each individual shade, incorporate a middle grey to contrast with the rest. This could be done with a stack of squares and a grey rectangle that stretched across them, or with triangles in a circle with punched-out dots of the grey on top of each... one girl in my class made fish bodies with the values and the middle grey was the fins... or something like that. You could be as creative as you could... my juices weren't flowing so well, but it turned out okay. I think I certainly accomplished the objective, at least!

(another bad scanning job... long story behind this one... I may come back and rescan it in when I get it back.)

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