Monday, March 10, 2008

a most welcome visitor

*doorbell rings*

I'm home alone. I'm not expecting any company. And the dog is barking up a storm.

I gingerly head downstairs and peek through the blinds to the front porch. I haven't had any trouble in my neighborhood yet, but I've been told some bad stories lately that happened in Greenville and am a little on edge. I see a nice looking guy in a work uniform. There's that split second of bewilderment right before a dozen emotions overtake me and my mind whirls to put the pieces together and think of something to say as I quickly open the door.

"Hi. I'm... so sorry. I completely forgot you were coming." "That's all right. I didn't wake you up did I?"

It's 11am, my hair is still wet, and my room is highly cluttered with full (at least they're all clean) laundry baskets, papers, and a card table full of research materials. Standing before me is the guy from Charter, here to set up the internet in my house. Naturally, the cable is in my room. Under a pile of stuff. *slaps forehead*

He's very gracious, if a little put off by one of my neighbors, and does the job quickly... using a laptop with a hot pink cover. "It's my wife's... mine was dropped on the job and is still in the shop. I told her I'm going to get something to cover over it, heh. But at least it does the job, right?"

So. Greetings from a house with internet! :-D I had no idea how slow it has been running, bumming off other people. This is so nice. Yay!


Anonymous said...

yippee. ;) love technology. its so much better than paper and pen.


learning beautiful said...

LOL, Emily I hope you see this comment - just look at the tag line of this blog from one of my friends at CIU -
oooh, the irony. ;)
hey... I'm sorry you are hurting. your perseverance and strength, however, continue to be inspiring. praying for you and praising God for the grace I see lived out in your life.