Monday, March 10, 2008

a most welcome e-mail

Ran into a History classmate at Barnes and Noble yesterday whilst I was collecting information on Jackson Pollock (who, as it turns out, sounds disturbingly similar to myself). Ryan wasn't aware that our research paper was due this week. He's the same guy who wasn't aware that we had a test the other day.

Fortunately for both of us, he was right this time. I checked with the teacher and she said it's not due till the 20th, next week.

I just got that feeling that you get after you've eaten just a little too much at prom dinner but you're home now and can take off the dress that has gotten just a little too tight (even when you're sucking it in) and put on some baggy pj pants and relax.


God, You are all we need to make us whole. We are not incomplete when You complete us. Don't let me believe that I am. Capture me.

How my soul raged against that simple prayer last night. Why so downcast?

You know what Matt asked me at care group on Friday? "Have you ever felt forgiven?" I've rejoiced in the goodness of God. I've felt relief at letting myself believe what I was singing. I've been in love with Him. But feel forgiven? Like, feely feel? ... "No" is probably not a good answer, huh?

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Christa C. said...

YEAH!!! Glad you can take your dress off. ;)