Sunday, March 30, 2008

ML7: I'm an alien

I went to a Christian school from K-12, then again for college, and didn't have a really secular job until this one. I've been saturated.

Now I'm surrounded by non-Christians who look at me going about life as I always do, not always strong or hopeful or non-depressed... and they still want to know, "Why are you happy all the time?"

It's not something I normally think about. It's just life. God is in my life and He (obviously!) makes a difference that can be seen, but He's always been there and I don't really have "pre-conversion" memories or confessions or dramatic stories. And I've never been all that different from those around me, because they all had Him too. These co-workers make me see Christ in myself, if that makes any sense. They force me to step back and go, "Wow. I'm not normal. I never thought of myself as being anything extraordinary, but I stand out to these folks and it's all because of God. He's working in my life. He's using me to show them something different. That's awesome!"

And I think that's important. That it's too easy to take the presence of God for granted. Not even that I would take credit for His doing, but just that I don't acknowledge the difference He makes. It's good to see.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Same thing happens to me too, at times when I least expect it more often than not. I think it's God's way of 1)reminding us to "be ready in season and out...", 2)He's always watching over us and is letting us know He appreciates our feeble efforts to shine for Him, and 3)showing us encouragement - keep up the good work! I luv ya, Mom